martedì 14 aprile 2009

Italian Quake Relief *12:00 pm-4:00 pm

The tragic earthquake that hurt Italy on April 6th caused all over in the world pain, emotional involvement and solidarity with the people who lost everything just in one night.
This huge feeling of compassion suddendly turned into initiatives having the aim to concretely help and support the victims of such a calamity.
Virtual communities and web networks are of course sharing this same feeling: Second Life residents expressed immediately all their compassion and the desire to do the best they can to lend an hand.
One of the biggest inworld community, Italia Vera with its 22,500 members, is took the initiative to support the Abruzzo through the music.
Music in Second Life is the soundtrack of so many sad or happy moments and the artists who everyday share their art inworld will be part of the Relief for Abruzzo that will take place tuesday April 14th at 12:00 pm slt at piazza San Carlo of Torino Vera ( ).

Swina Allen,Sioux Nicolaidis and UKDproject from Italy, DonfrankoDagostino from Germany, Jordio Carnell from Spain, Tb Andel from Portugal, Joaquin Gustav and Seba Sideways from Argentina,A Satin Galli,Melodee McDonnell,Onlyhalfcrazy Gumbo from USA, Horacios Allen from Brasil:they will send their music through servers reaching a worldwide audience . All the geografical distances will be nullified thanks to the magic of Second Life.

For more than 4 hours they will sing and play live in order to invite all the listeners to donate for the victims of the italian quake in Abruzzo on official websites such as , and more.

Being there everyone will feel to be close to the hapless but bold people of Abruzzo.


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